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Shanghai Hengpai Network Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Hengpai") is a mobile terminal application development company. All along, the company has integrated the concept of "Internet +", deeply integrated the innovative achievements ofthe Internet with various economic and social fields, andrealised the full coverage of themobile Internet and the traditional computer side. At present, the company's main business includes live broadcast delivery system, live broadcast software, live broadcast sales platform. It is the leader of system development and it is a brand trusted by customers in China at present.

Hengpai Market

Committed to mobile Internet products, enterprise management software customization Development of technology-based enterprises. Hengpai Software is composed of Creative+Dream, which represents that the company has always adhered to the core concept of "innovative Dream, Software customization expert", and is committed to providing all kinds of information products and technical consulting services with simple operation, comprehensive functions and professional technology for the majority of enterprises and government customers.

Hengpai Market is born for technology and has been committed to the Development of professional cartoon payment Market for 7 years.

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